With only three family owners in over 50 years, then, now and all the years in between, Cedar Room has been a friendly neighborhood bar with a hail-fellow attitude toward newcomers looking for a comfortable place to hangout.

Customers celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and memorials at Cedar Room. Picnic style parties are common and we often cook food for sporting events, golf tournaments or just because. There's always free popcorn and ordering food from one of the nearby restaurants (there's one on either side of us) and eating there is encouraged. 

Our Story

We pour our drinks generously, provide excellent service, keep prices cheaper than anyone else, and maintain a secure, safe and clean environment. Sports are popular with us and I've got 7 big screens in the bar area, and a smaller TV in each bathroom...we are THE place to watch a game. 

On the contact page is my cell and office numbers, email and a contact form in case you don't have any of the others. You can contact me anytime for any reason and I will accommadate you. It will be my pleasure.....Rob Tillitz

Cedar Room was opened in the fall of 1962 by my Uncle Jim McMahon and his wife Rusty. The strip mall at Madison and Manzanita was new,  the suburbs of Sacramento growing.  After Jim passed in 2000, Rusty asked my mother, Annabel, to help her. When Rusty passed we bought the bar and Mom made it the warm and loving place it is now. In 2009 dementia prevented Annabel from operating the business she adored, and I took over promising her I'd carry on with her dream.